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Getting to Xobega involves game-driving through predator-rich Moremi Game Reserve, while on the island location, its all about the birds, boat cruises & hippos. Elephants are ever-present.


Moremi is renowned for its abundance of predators, from lion to leopard, cheetah, and hyena, while lions are often heard calling at night from the remote Xobega Island. There is a chance of viewing lion from the boat cruises, however wildlife normally seen include Nile crocodiles, hippos, elephants and red lechwe.


Elephants walk the earth in Botswana in such great numbers and can be seen crossing the Okavango waterways, or merely ambling contently through the lodge grounds. Other mammals that love the wetland area are hippo and red lechwe, while buffalo, baboons, zebra, and wildebeest are commonly seen on dry land.


Birding is the highlight of boat cruises from Xobega Island. Water bird species are abundant in the Delta channels, while summer brings in the migrant species, which fleck colour through the trees. Birds of prey, and grassland birds are seen and heard throughout the day, and Pel’s fishing owls are heard at night.

Top Wildlife Moments at Xobega

A muddy elephant bull in the Okavango Delta

Admiring the enormity of a lone elephant bull in the fragrant vegetation that surrounds the waterways of the Okavango Delta.

Dagha boys in the Delta at Xobega Island

Buffalo bulls that group together are commonly known as dagha boys, which originates from their habit of rolling in mud.

Okavango Delta's unique red lechwe antelope

The red lechwe is a water-loving antelope, uniquely adapted to living in wetland areas like the Okavango Delta.

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